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Career (v)

Move swiftly and in an uncontrolled way.

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Executive summary.

Dave Sag is a consulting technologist with over twenty years of web application development experience. He is actively engaged in a number of small, medium and large scale, creative, web-facing software development projects, on a contract basis, and is open to new opportunities.

The story so far…

In 1993, when the web was still a text-only medium, Dave co-founded Australia’s first web-design company, Virtual Artists Pty Ltd. He won several awards for his work over the intervening years. Dave resigned as a director of Virtual Artists in 1999 and moved to London to work within the guts of the European dot-com boom. He was engaged by the radical online fashion store boo.com to develop complex and engaging branded micro-sites for labels such as Everlast, Converse, Issey Miyake, and more. After launch, Dave was put in charge of the whole of boo’s web-facing front-end.

In April 2000 Dave left to join Risk 2 Risk Limited, a web-based trading platform for the exchange of satellite launch, and satellite in-orbit, reinsurance risks. Risk 2 Risk was wound down in the aftermath of the 11 September 2001 destruction of the World Trade Center.

In 2001 Dave moved to The Netherlands where, in partnership with the renowned DavStudios, he developed the back-end for RouteCraft, an interactive web-facing bicycle, and car, route-planner for the City of Amsterdam. Following on from that, Dave worked as a senior developer for The Global Apparel Network, developing a picture sharing application called Visuality for use by the fashion industry. Next he took up a position within the European Patent Office as a software quality consultant.

Dave returned to Australia in 2006 and commenced work at Carbon Planet, the carbon-science company he co-founded in 2000. He oversaw the development of web-applications to calculate carbon footprints and assess forest-carbon projects. Dave also contributed to the world’s first accurate formal carbon accounting methodology for improved forest management.

Dave left Carbon Planet in 2010 to focus on freelance software development, and has been developing a number of web-based systems for both government, and private clients, including a Facebook app that facilitates recipe sharing called Open Recipe, Bitcoin related software for Bit2Bit, and, most recently being engaged to work on Westfield’s flagship Australian site.

Dave lives in Canberra where he either works from his home office for clients world-wide, or commutes to Adelaide, Sydney, and Melbourne.If you have an interesting, or challenging, web-facing job, using Ruby on Rails or Node.js, or need an excellent SCSS, Coffeescript guy, please get in touch. Dave is also open to offers of full-time work.

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